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News from the Philippines and Around the World | May 4, 2015

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Woman kills two lovers, chops the bodies, cements and freezes them

| On 20, Nov 2012

A woman in Austria was dubbed as the “ice killer” confessed about her gruesome way to kill her two lovers and disposed their body in a very freezing way.

Goidsargi Estibaliz Carranza Zabala tearfully told stories in front of a court in Vienna that she shot her ex-husband in 2008 and a lover in 2010 sliced their bodies using a chainsaw and cemented the parts.

Zabala, who is coming from Mexican and Spanish citizenship; and an owner of ice cream parlor mixed the cemented body  parts in the cellar of her parlor. The cellar was also used as a storage room.

The remains were only discovered after a maintenance was held in the place on June 2011. After running to Italy, Carranza was captured and extradited.

According to reports Carranza shot her first husband, Holger Holz – who she said a violent man, lazy, bully and refused to move out after they divorced.

After failing to dispose the body, due to her busy schedules, Carranza came up to the idea of chainsaw.

Her new relationship with Manfred Hinterberger, an ice cream salesman some 20 years her senior easily fell off and described it as “like in a prison. like my head was in a plastic bag.” Before she killed him, she trained in shooting and mixing concrete on November 2010.

When arrested, Carranza was already 2 months pregnant and married the man while she was in prison. Her baby was taken away from her after she gave birth and according to reports, the baby, named Roland (after the father) was in the custody of his mother’s  parents.

A psychiatric reports revealed that Carranza is now in unit for “mentally abnormal” state and was dangerous. She was described as a “princess who wanted to be rescued by a man”.

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