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News from the Philippines and Around the World | April 26, 2015

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Mosquito trap made of sugar and yeast

| On 20, Sep 2011

It’s Dengue outbreak and because of this the health officials of Nueva Ecija have invented a simple mosquito trap made of a dark bottle, yeast and sugar.

All you have to do is to melt a 4 spoon brown sugar in 250 ML of water and add 1 spoon of yeast then put it in a dark bottle. This mixture will undergo an oxidation process and will emit an aroma that is very pleasing to mosquitoes and because of the sugar, the mosquito will be trapped.

The said officials advised that you will cut the above part of 1.5 cola bottle that will serve as a funnel and cover. Color it black. Put the mixture in the body and put the funnel that will serve as an entrance for the mosquito which will eventually will be trapped inside. They also advised that you put at least 4 mosquito traps inside and outside your house.

They said that every trap is only worth P5.00.

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